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OneView for vCenter 9.0 StoreVirtual VASA URL?

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OneView for vCenter 9.0 StoreVirtual VASA URL?

Hi all,

I decided to try OneView for vCenter again today after a long break since I learned it's now distributed as a virtual appliance. The Windows version was slow and buggy, so I gave it up years ago. I haven't used it since the v7 days not long after they changed the name from Insight Control for vCenter...Anyway, I got the product deployed and configured. I added my StoreVirtual 4730 cluster and my StoreVirtual VSAs. All are v12.7. My question is, where do I view the VASA URL to put into the vCenter Storage Provider configuration? I don't see it anwyere...is it supported for StoreVirutal? I know it used to be back when I used the Windows version of OneView for vCenter. My OneView for vCenter version is 9.0.0 (downloaded yesterday) and my vCenters are all 6.5 Update 1 (latest patch). Thanks in advance!


Re: OneView for vCenter 9.0 StoreVirtual VASA URL?


Based on feedback from product management: 

We are not supporting VASA provider anymore. Also, it used to be qualified only with 3PAR and not with SV VSA. Currently, 3PAR supports VASA directly from array.