HPE OneView

OneView for vCenter & multiple provision servers

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OneView for vCenter & multiple provision servers


We have 2 different sites that each have 1 vCenter server and 1 ICSP server.

The vCenters run in linked mode and we have installed one OV4VC 8.1 appliance, to which I've added both vCenter's.

I can add one HPE Oneview controller via the "Server Module Credentials" within the HPE management administration in the vsphere web client, and the Infrastructure for that site is visible in the client. However when I add the other Oneview instance the first one disappears! Surely it's possible to add multiple Oneview instances?

Second problem is that it I can only add credentials for 1 provisioning server, is it possible to add an additional provisioning server as we use 1 for each site?