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OneView for vCenter internal error

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OneView for vCenter internal error

Hi all,

We had OneView for vCenter 8.3 for our StoreVirtual VSA storage. IT was working well. We just purchased MSA 2050, and we updated OV4VC to 9.3. Even without adding the MSA storage, we already ran into issues. In vCenter Web Client (both html and flex), we would right-click on cluster -> All HPE Storage Actiona -> Create VMFS Datastore. Then in the "Create VMFS Datastore" pop up, the cluster object would be selected. We would click "Next" to select storage. However, in the page, There is an error message "Internal error has occurred" and no storage is available.

We checked OV4VC appliance admin console, and see that storage system is connected. We also checked within vSphere client under HPE Storage Systems, and the VSA storage shows up with the correct information.

We tried to clean all traces of OV4VC from VCSA, and then re-register the product, but the result is the same. Anyone had the same issue? How did you resolve it?

We tried calling HPE support, but VSA team stated that we need a support contract for OV to get support(?!) I disagreed but they will not transfer me. We have support for both VSA and MSA storage.

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Re: OneView for vCenter internal error

Forgot to add - we are using vCenter 6.5.0 Build 13834586 (VCSA) and ESXi 6.5.0 Build 13635690. OV4VC version 9.3. StoreVirtual VSA 12.7 fully patched.

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Re: OneView for vCenter internal error

Hi ,

Greetings !!


Please make sure the Pre-requisite are meet and the configuration is done correctly.

Please note OV4VC 9.3 is now released. HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Release Notes (9.3)

Introduced Proactive HA option under Monitors tab to display the cluster-level configuration of HPE Proactive HA provider..

if you still have the issue despite the correct installation/configuration please have a case logged with HP support for details troubleshooting.



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