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OneView licenses

Got a question about licensing in sence that i want to move a couple of blades that are currently managed by Appliance A, now i want to move these blades into another Enclosure that is managed by Appliance B.

My question what will happen with the current license, will it be lost? will it go with the blade to the new appliance

or will Appliance B assign a new license, meening we loose the one that is currently assinged by Appliance A?


Re: OneView licenses

If the HPE OneView Advanced license was assigned, then only the OneView license will be released.  We cannot release the embedded iLO license, and will create or expand the HPE OneView Advanced without iLO Advanced license pool.  If it was only the HPE OneView Advanced without iLO Advanced license, it will go back into the pool to be assigned to anothre system if requested.

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