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OneView monitoring hosts and SNMP

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OneView monitoring hosts and SNMP

Hi All, 

Is there a way how to use the api or any other way how to check if SNMP traps are actually being forwarded out of OneView. We currently have a couple synergy chassis with oneview configured to send SNMP traps and works fine. We've deployed another oneview instance that is monitoring (i.e free version) some other c7000 enclosures and some rack servers and snmp seems to not be working at all albeit config looks ok.

Generated some events by unplugging some power which should generate a trap - sniffed at the destination (even placed a host in the same subnet to eliminate any potential firewall blocks) and still not receiving any traps.  Unfortunately, console is closed to a subset of menu items.

Since this is a free version cant really open a case so any info/help would be appreciated!


Thank you 



Re: OneView monitoring hosts and SNMP


Please send a test alert from the ILO of any Rack or blade Server towards OneView and verify , if the test alert is getting logged under activity log.

Also, verify the Licences on the Server end.



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