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OneView version upgrade from 1.10 to 2

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OneView version upgrade from 1.10 to 2

Hello Experts,

I am new to OneView and seeking help for below scenario. Thnks in advance.

I procured new blades (with latest firmware) and during installation learnt that its not comaptiable with c7000 enclosure managed via OneView 1.0.; and that I have to upgrade to OneView 2.x for it. 

It also calls for firmware upgrade of the existing blades (part of our production environment) in the enclosure.

I need advise about

> efficient way/procedure to achieve OneView 2.x upgrade (including its pre-requisites, potential risk with upgrade, any other factors to consider / instructions, etc). 

> for blade, what is impact of upgrading the blade firmware to latest version --> will OneView 1.x lose its visiblity to it? If yes, how can it be managed until OneView upgrade to 2.x?

> For such upgrade, to be on safer side, is it a good / recommended practice to build a seperate VM of OneView 2.x and then map the enclosure to it? Is there a way to export server profiles, vlans (or any more config settings) from 1.10 to 2.x?

> Is there a rollback procedure incase we run into issues?

Thanks again!



Re: OneView version upgrade from 1.10 to 2

To better answer your questions, I would suggest that you open a support case, and elevate it to L2.  Our L2 support engineers can walk through an upgrade plan with you, and even help look for some known conditions that would cause a bad upgrade experience.

However, most of the questions would be outlined in the Support Matrix and Installation Guide.  We do not require customers to upgrade their infrastructure firmware, unless of a known defect or additional functionality.  And, if we do, it is typically noted in the Support Matrix.

Your roll back option is to always make sure to have a most recent appliance backup prior to upgrades.  No, you do not need to backup your iLO or OA.

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