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OneView vs IRS

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OneView vs IRS


I need one solution for remote support with automatic generation of tickets and for accelerate the diagnostics.

I have used HPE IRS several years ago, with acceptable results but with some issues with warranty validation and missed internet connection with remote support page.

I undesrtand that HPE Oneview is able to do the remote support and, apparently, is one more modern solution according to industry trends.

Then, has HPE two products that bassicaly overlapped each other respect to remote support ?

Please give any clues acoording your experience.




Re: OneView vs IRS

Hi Roger,

Remote support : HPE OneView provides IRS that is part of the appliance. For Gen8/Gen9 it will utilize the agentless remote support that is part of iLO 4. It allows appliance registration for remote support and end user Opt-In, contact information and support partner details. Provides service incident forwarding and tracking in HPE OneView with case status updates and optional integration with insight online access

Is Remote Support in HPE OneView replacing Insight RS?

Answer is No. Insight RS will continue for the foreseeable future as it supports a much wider range of HPE products than OneView and Remote Support from HPE OneView.

Please refer HPE Remote Support Enablement in HPE OneView 5.0: Frequently Asked Questions (page number 5), to know about devices which we can enabled for Remote Support from HPE OneView also more Q&N about IRS vs OneView Remote.


Do I need both Insight RS and Remote Support from HPE OneView?

At this time, only supported enclosures (frames), servers (compute modules) and Interconnects can be enabled for Remote Support from HPE OneView. For all other devices that are not supported by OneView (storage, network), use Insight RS. For 3PAR, use 3PAR Call Home.

Note: HPE Synergy compute modules are not supported by Insight RS.

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Re: OneView vs IRS

Thank you very much

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Re: OneView vs IRS

Hi Amra,

Does customer can login to HPE IRS and monitor status.?

and Can in know whether infosight is capable of HPE IRS functionalities?