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OneView vs StoreServ - many options missing?

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OneView vs StoreServ - many options missing?

Hello, everyone,

In our lab we have OneView and 3PAR StoreServ. Looking at the 2 side by side, I notice OneView is lacking alot of the items that StoreServ has. I understood that OneView essentially replaces StoreServ so that you can just manage everything in one place?

The main item missing is Virtual Volumes. While OneView lists Volumes, when i compare, OneView is only showing 14 volumes, while StoreServ is showing over 40.

OneView does not show our 3PAR under SANs menu option, but instead is under Storage Systems, is this why?

Or are both tools meant to be used side by side?


Re: OneView vs StoreServ - many options missing?

Hello YYCSysAdmin,

By 3par StoreServ I presume you point to 3Par SSMC management console. Although both products share some components, like those you mentioned, they aim to serve different purposes. OneView is an infrastructure management solution that can help the administrators, to manage, control & integrate their infrastructure. On the other hand 3Par SSMC solely serves StoreServ storage arrays (manage, reporting, performance insights etc). 

OneView is not a replacement for 3Par SSMC and as you correctly mentioned are meant to be used side by side.


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Re: OneView vs StoreServ - many options missing?

Thank you @m_icha for the clarification. I am doing much documentation in the coming weeks so this helps assure I use the correct interface in order to streamline guides based on storage.