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OneView3 (& 2) Rack U location shifting / changing

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OneView3 (& 2) Rack U location shifting / changing

I have an odd problem.  In racks where I have both C7000 enclosures and stand-alone servers (DL160, DL380 etc), the U location of the servers will automatically change in the Facilities-Racks view of the product .  All of the stand-alone servers are pushed to the bottom of the rack and the enclosure usually ends up at top.

I suspect that when the C7000 is scanned by OneView the rack location is read and it then resets the U location also.

This does NOT happen in racks that are blade only or DL server only.  They stay static.

Is there are way to lock this down?  It is important as I am integrating OneView with other apps & U location is used.