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Oneveiw 1.2 G7 Support


Oneveiw 1.2 G7 Support

Running Openview 1.20

Monitor only for now.....


I still have a number of G7's I need to support.

Oneview shoudl be able to get the basic info from the server, it shows some but won't show a failed drive.  I assuem this is a major error and it shoudl be able to detect somthing that big in the logs.



Also 385 G7 only only show up and 1U in Rack view.




Re: Oneveiw 1.2 G7 Support

In order for you to get extended data, including failed drives, you will need to install the Insight Manager Agents in the Host OS.  The iLO will then need to be configured in Passthrough Mode.  OneView does not inventory the Host OS, unlike HPSIM/Insight Control does.


The DL385 showing as a 1U (along with the DL585) server is a known defect, and will be fixed in a future release.

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