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Oneview 1.10.07 update to 1.10.08

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Oneview 1.10.07 update to 1.10.08

I am trying to update the appliance from 1.10.07 to 1.10.08. I have 11GB of space on the appliance but it is continually saying that I am out of space. The bin file is only 5GB in size.


Does anyone know what the space requirements are for this upgrade and also does anyone know how to allocate extra space to the appliance such as adding another hard disk or expanding the existing one. 


I have had a read of the 1.10.08 update requirements but it does not mention space requirements


Thanks inadvance


Re: Oneview 1.10.07 update to 1.10.08

Where are you seeing disk space available?

I am an HPE employee

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