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Oneview 3.10 and Network Communication

Oneview 3.10 and Network Communication

Hello All,

for one of our customers I need to prove, how the network traffic of OneView configured servers is designed.

We need to be sure that any network package from a server is traveling from the server out of the enclosure into the network and back again, it is vital that no internal network traffic in an enclosure can happen.

I need to know what the standards are or how it needs to be setup to do so.

the only thing I found so is as follows, see attached file.

I did not find anything else so far, so any hint is much appreciated.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Best Regards Eugen




Re: Oneview 3.10 and Network Communication

By the way, we use these version of BIOS and FirmWare:

OA firmware 4.70

VC Ethernert firmware: 4.60

VC FC modules firmware: 3.08

 HP Oneview version: 3.10.04-0299553

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Re: Oneview 3.10 and Network Communication

You will need to enable the Private Network setting in the Ethernet Network(s) you have configured.  By default, Virtual Connect is a switch device that will forward frames between ports, except for Uplink Ports.  They are not transient ports and behave more link server NIC ports.  Standard 802.1D rules apply, even within Virtual Connect.

Re: Oneview 3.10 and Network Communication

Thank you for your feedback it was very helpfull.

Best Regards