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Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

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Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy


I have oneview 6.0 and ESXi 6.7.

Settings "sut-status" from ESXi =
Mode of Operation.......................: AutoDeploy
Polling Interval In Minutes.............: 5

My Problem:
In Oneview the server profile is displayed as inconsistent.  To me it looks like the SPP is not being applied and something is waiting for. Different hosts, same settings and unfortunately different messages. I've attached this to the post.


I understand correctly: with the Autodeploy mode, If the ESXi is restarted the mode installed/applied what oneview provides?


Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

May I known SPP bunble used to apply on server.

Have you tried with N+1/N-1 SPP bundle?

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Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

The problem was as follows:
After updating the VMware patches, isut mode was no longer correct.

How can I check how the isut mode is on several ESXi servers without having to have an SSH session for each?

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Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

@erki72 you seem to have much better success with using iSUT and OneView for FW patching...what is your secret?

I fount it very frustrating to have to install iSUT and configure iSUT on 400+ ESXi hosts.  The methodolgy that HPE OneView is very conviluded.  It doesn't scale nor is management as seamless and automated as advertised.

You should be able to configure iSUT via powershell or the OneView Plug-in to vCenter.  I shouldn't have to touch every single ESXi host to install AND configure iSUT.  IT DOES NOT SCALE!!!

I'm curious to know your process on how you got it working.

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Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

Roughly explained:
- When installing an ESXi host, we set the iSUT mode at the end of the installation
- Then the server is added to Oneview and a server profile is created (from an existing template)
- Check is isut mode on autdeploy
- Attach VMware Baseline in vCenter an patch the host
- Reboot and hope oneview intervenes properly in the process

I admit it:
it takes an infinite amount of patience and it doesn't run constantly. We never behaved the same way with different hosts. Although we do everything with scripts. It doesn't convince me at all and I just try to make the best of it

So if you have an idea how I can get the Isut status from the vcenter of all my hosts that would help me a lot


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Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

Thanks for the rough explination.

How are you installing iSUT, are you automating this anyway?  I'd like to NOT have to touch 100+ ESXi hosts individually.

It would be nice if it was already installed in HPE's image but I don't believe it is (am I wrong community?).

It would also be nice if I could add it via Update Manager/LCM.




Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

I think, if you use the HPE Image for ESXi for installation, SUT is integrated.

Add Download Sources in vCenter Lifecycle Manager (former Update Manager), http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/index.xmlhttp://vibsdepot.hpe.com/index-drv.xml

Check for SUT status in Powershell: 

$ovconn = Connect-OVServer ....
$servers = Get-OVServer -ApplianceConnection $ovconn
$hardwareservers = $servers | ?{$_.serversettings.hpSmartUpdateToolStatus.version -ne $NULL} | select name, @{N= "SUT_Mode"; E={$_.serversettings.hpSmartUpdateToolStatus.mode}}, @{N= "SUT_Version"; E={$_.serversettings.hpSmartUpdateToolStatus.version}}, @{N= "SUT_Status"; E={$_.serversettings.hpSmartUpdateToolStatus.servicestate}}, @{N= "Install_State"; E={$_.serversettings.firmwareAndDriversInstallState.installState}}


For Setting SUT-Mode I use plink.exe (Part of Putty, so  make shure, Path is set):

Connect-Viserver "yourvCenter"

$vmhost = "yourHOSTNAME"
$service = Get-VMHost $vmhost | Get-VMHostService | Where {$_.Key -eq "TSM-SSH"}

$service  | Start-VMHostService
#echo y | plink.exe -ssh -pw 'yourPassword' root@$vmhost 'sut -set mode=autodeploy'
$service | Stop-VMHostService -Confirm:$false


Not ideal and sometimes plink times out. For now, the only way i know, to set SUT remotely.

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Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

Thanks for sharing your steps and code!  Agreed, not ideal at all.

HPE Team - why can't this be enabled/set via the OneView vCenter plugin???

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Re: Oneview 6.0 > ESXi 6.7 > SUT mode Autodeploy

OV4VC 10.3 plugin has a feature for configuring iSUT as part of a vLCM pre-check.  You may be able use this, and then just not use vLCM if that's what you want. This works on Gen10 or newer servers only. Not sure if this will work with ESXi 6.7 since vLCM is for 7.0 only. But the feature should be independent of the version of ESXi.


We also have a workflow in our OneView for vRealize Orchestrator plugin that will configure iSUT and AMS, so that may be another option. The workflow runs on single server, but could easily be looped to a larger number. This is also for Gen10 and newer.

The workflow also has some dependencies:

  • Hosts should have ssh enabled
  • Host user name and password: this could be a problem to run on multiple ESXi hosts if their username and passwords differ.
  • iSUT package to be hosted in a webserver accessible to the ESXi host.
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