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Oneview Appliance upgrade - Reboot question

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Oneview Appliance upgrade - Reboot question

Hi All

Newbie here - go easy!

Blasting through our VMWare upgrade, I’ve noticed that our HP Oneview appliance could do with an upgrade.

Our current Oneview appliance version is 3.10.04-0299553

We only use Oneview to connect the server for monitoring/alerting purposes and accessing the ilo. No other fancy stuff. No storage management etc.

What I’m struggling to understand is the impact of rebooting / upgrading this appliance during the day – can’t seem to find any literature on this anywhere.

I can see the appliance upgrade is really quite straight-forward according to this (just needs a reboot during the upgrade process):

Do you know if its safe to crack on with during the day, or any other gotchas?




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Re: Oneview Appliance upgrade - Reboot question

Hi @Ruster007 , 

Thank you for contacting us. 

The Oneview appliance can be updated during Business Hours with the production servers running without any outage/restart. Since the servers are only monitored and not managed, there will be no impact at all on the servers. 

The update process will include a reboot of the appliance only. 
It is safe to go ahead with the update during the Business hours. 

After updating your appliance, remember to create a new backup file.