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Oneview Deployment

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Oneview Deployment

Hi, Can Oneview be installed on the physical server instead of VM? All I can find is to download .ovf Oneview installation file and import it onto VM appliance. Is this the only way to install Oneview appliance? Thanks,

Re: Oneview Deployment

HPE OneView is delivered and installed as a virtual machine appliance. We support the following hypervisors:

1. VMware
2. Microsoft Hyper-V
3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux KVM

It cannot be converted to a physical image. Is there a reason why you want to install it on a physical server and not a hypervisor?

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Re: Oneview Deployment

Hi Skkim , 

Oneview can only be deployed on a Virtual machine  and cannot be deployed on a physical server. 

Oneview has been designed like that



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