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Oneview Initial Login Credentials?

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Oneview Initial Login Credentials?

Simply put, I'm not sure what credentials to use to login to my newly deployed Oneview VM. This is a trial version and installation seemed to complete successfully. 

I have tried the same login credentials as I use on the HPE site, such as this one, and it did not work (email / password). 

Also tried my active dirrectory credentials and I'm a Domain Admin with all access and that didnt work either. 


Rather confused at this point as I have no other credentials to try. This is a live enterprise VM environment and I'm not someone messing around at home. 


'Insert/edit Image' is greyed out so I guess ill see if this link works on here.


Thank you for the assistance!

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Re: Oneview Initial Login Credentials?

Answered my own question. Found documentation for OneView online and it said the following:


Logging in to the appliance for the first time:

Log in to the appliance using the default credentials.

Administrator / admin