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Oneview OVGD latency

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Oneview OVGD latency


In Oneview Global Dashboard user guide, it says to ensure there is bandwidth minimums of 1.5Mbps and maximum 350ms latency between OV appliances. Does anyone know what will happen if the latency exceeds OV’s threshold? Will it still work albeit data comes into OV slower? Or it will timeout and not reflect any updates?


Re: Oneview OVGD latency

what happens if you significantly exceed those values largely depends on the size of your environment.  If you are trying to pull in a fully loaded OneView instance, over a much slower link .. it may timeout while doing the initial pull of all the required data.  There is nothing inherit in the product that will cause it to not work with higher values ... its just that after testing various scenarios, speeds, latency, configurations, etc. etc.  the values that are documented as supported were the values that would consistently work.

Depending on other factors, you may get lower bandwidth, or higher latency links to work ... but then you have devited outside of the values that are documented as supported.

If there are timeouts, then the UI will show that they appliance as "offline".  It won't simply silently fail to provide updates.

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