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Oneview Operating system provisioning

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Oneview Operating system provisioning

I've been searching for a way to provision operating systems on HPE proliant servers. Mostly Windows OS:es. We are looking to move away from SCCM and are looking for alternatives. There are all these references that Oneview should be able to do this. For example on this Site https://www.hpe.com/us/en/what-is/oneview.html under Key Oneview Inovations Operating system provisioning is listed. I can't find any information on this except about Insight control server provisioning wich i belive is discontinued.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation on Server provisioning with HPE Oneview?
//Mattias Cederberg


Re: Oneview Operating system provisioning

Operating system deployment
Server profiles and enclosure groups make it easier to prepare a bare-metal server for operating system deployment.
For example, you can use server profiles in conjunction with deployment tools such as:
• HPE Insight Control server provisioning to install an operating system on the server.
NOTE: HPE Insight Control server provisioning supports provisioning on HPE ProLiant G7, Gen8, and Gen9 servers.
For ProLiant Gen10 servers, write out recommends using tools like VMware AutoDeploy.
• HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Auto Deploy to deploy hypervisors from bare metal and add them to existing clusters automatically.

For more information, please refer HPE OneView 5.5 User Guide 


As of now HPE Synergy Image Streamer works with HPE Synergy Composer to rapidly deploy Operating system and update infrastructure.


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