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Oneview SCOM Integration - Repeat Alerts

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Oneview SCOM Integration - Repeat Alerts

We have the same problem mentioned above. We've running the latest HP OneView Console and 9.5 scom integration pack.
Our problem :   
As soon an error happening in the HP OneView Console (written once in his console), the event created on the SCOM management server is written severals times which cause the alerts to appear many times in SCOM console.
I don't think this problem to be linked to a specific alerts, in scom we have many kind of HP OneView rules awakening many times. 
Is there any solution already found for this problem?

Re: Oneview SCOM Integration - Repeat Alerts

The event processing rules of this management pack are designed to consolidate similar events and to not repeat issues. The consolidated status appears by enabling the Repeat Count property in the Active Alerts view settings. If events are consolidated, the Alert Description in the Alert Details pane shows the first event that was generated only. To view the most recent similar alert, click View additional knowledge from the Alert Details pane, and then select the Alert Context tab on the Alert Properties

All alerts generated by HPE OneView for Storage will be displayed in case of multiple device state changes.

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