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Oneview will not startup

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Oneview will not startup


I have a oneview server running on 1.20


I rebootet it today because it was slow.


The server will not start again. IT only shows starting on the page.

Tryed to reboot it, nothing happend.


I aslo tryed to restore the hole vmware partition but nothing happen

what can i do.



Re: Oneview will not startup



you could switch the console (linux like) ALT +Fx (1-3) and see what is logged during boot.

Is network connected ? DNS available ? .....



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Re: Oneview will not startup

Hi! You could check your disk space on VMFS/LUN/VM Disks.

Did you used Thin or Thick provisioned disks?


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Re: Oneview will not startup

Hello eander, and welcome to the HP OneView community.


Typically when you see "Starting" with no progress bar movement on the VM console, it is typically disk related.  What server and disk configuration are you using?  If it is a local disk with a RAID controller, do you have any Write-Back Cache module installed?  Have you verified that the disk where the VM is located isn't being starved of resources (long disk queue lengths, IO latency, etc.)?


Also, restoring the VMFS partition wouldn't have been a troublshooting step I would have taken.


When dealing with slow appliance performance, you should check the following host resources in order for allocation issues:


  • Disk
  • CPU
  • RAM


There is a LOT of disk IO that occurs when an appliance is in its startup sequence.  CPU can be starved if this is a reboot of an already provisioned appliance that manages resources, as it has to validate and refresh the managed and monitored hardware.  RAM only if you are reaching the supported device monitored and/or managed resource limits.

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Re: Oneview will not startup

Same problem with the same version.


Anyone have any ideas?  the F(x) 1,2,3 did now work for me so I can't get to the console to see whats freaked out.  I did "backups" but it it kept the local to the appliance that just freaked out.  Now I wonder how to backup to a external location, "if" I can get it working again.  I assuem the backup files are someplace on the appliance.


The only thing I can think to do is

1. Start up a new VM from teh same or current VHD.

2. Restore teh backup from where ever I can try to get it.


Well, over a hundred servers, 40 Racks, 7 data centers,  and I don't want to start from scratch.......



Note: Notificaiton appear to work, alert for a failed drive over the weekend,  just no GUI to work with, only the "Starting........" screen.


Re: Oneview will not startup

Hi Ray,


you could check this Advisory


but I would recommend to open an support case.




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Re: Oneview will not startup

The restarting of a OneView appliance can take quite a while. In our enviroment the reboot time is 35 min.


How long did you wait for the appliance to start because sometimes it seems like nothing is happening?