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Oneview with HP6125G


Oneview with HP6125G

We have a bl460c gen 9 server blade with a HP FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 534M Adapter in mezz.slot 1. So in bay3&4 we have HP6125G interconnects. We use Oneview 2.0. How do we get the ports of the 534M into a server profile ? It is not possible yo create a logical interconnect group because the 6125G in bay 3&4 cannot be selected. The support matric also says it connot be managed by oneview but is supported in the enclosure. But how to use these 534M ports ?


Re: Oneview with HP6125G

Unfortunately, HPE OneView does not manage Server Profile Connections that will map to non-Virtual Connect modules.  That also means that you cannot model the HPN 6125 Interconnect layout in a Logical Interconnect Group.  Both the Adapter and the HPN6125 will need to be managed outside of HPE OneView.

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