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Oneview without ilo license question

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Oneview without ilo license question


I have some questiones regarding licensing with HPE Oneview w/o Ilo (P8B31A). We are in the procurement process for a bunch of servers and we want to be sure about OV licensing because is a new product for us,.

Reading the community I only read about utilization metrics not available without ilo advance license. Ok, we have to discuss internally if miss that option impact us. But my mayor concern is about remote console.

I'm able to find some old documents that states the following:

HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO

Provides an HP OneView Advanced license only.

This license is intended for server hardware you want to manage with HP OneView. This license is for servers with iLOs that are already licensed, or server hardware for which you do not require an iLO license. See Purchasing or obtaining licenses for more information.

An HP OneView Advanced w/o iLO license provides support for all server hardware features on the appliance, with the following exceptions:

  • Server hardware without an iLO Advanced license does not display utilization data.

  • Rack mount servers without an iLO Advanced license cannot access the remote console.

 remote console is a must for us, I understant that with rack servers include only DL servers. It's our case, so we will purchase ilo advance license for sure. that's right? Also just for clarification, BL servers need ilo advance license or it's included by default?

Could anyone confirm that the statament is still valid and for DL servers ilo advanced is needed to have remote console?.

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Re: Oneview without ilo license question


- G6 blade server with ILO Advanced for BladeSystem lic does not display utilization (on G8 blade all ok)

- G6 blade server with ILO Advanced display utilization

- BL servers ilo advance license  included by default.

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Re: Oneview without ilo license question

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