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!!!Please read before posting!!!


!!!Please read before posting!!!

First, let me thank you for participating in these forums.  This forum is for the entire HPE OneView family to discuss issues, existing features and howto's.  Please be mindful of the following:


  1. When asking for help, be as detailed as possible.  What version of HPE OneView are you using?  What browser are you currently using? If you are using any of the HPE OneView plugins, what version?  What version of the Partner management tool (i.e. VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Center) are you using?  Have you opened a support case with HPE Support?
  2. These forums are not the place to discuss unannounced or unreleased products or versions.  We would kindly ask that you engage your HPE Sales team or HPE Partner Sales team.
  3. If the issue is critical, please open a case with HPE Support.

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