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Positioning of Racks of different widths

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Positioning of Racks of different widths

In OneView datacenter view, if i have a 24 inch wide rack (the standard width when creating a rack in oneview) and try to place it next to a 30 inch wide rack (manually entered 30 inch width when creating a rack in oneview) they will not "snap" together next to eachother like 2 standard 24 inch racks will. I cannot get the 30 inch rack to sit flush next to a 24 inch one.

I can set the x and y axis manually to get the racks as close as possible, However when I save the datacenter positioning after manually setting the 30 inch rack as close as possible to the 24 inch rack, the positioning goes back to the racks being 6 to 8 inches apart and off center.

This is very unfortunate since im now forced to use all 24 inch racks and cant get an accurate representation of our datacenter.

P.S. I am on the current update of OneView, version 5.


Re: Positioning of Racks of different widths

Hi Daax,

I have reviewed HPE Oneview quickspecs.

Location Discovery Services enable HPE OneView Advanced to automatically know and display
the exact 3D location of Gen, Gen9 and Gen10 servers within HPE Intelligent Series Racks. This
reduces labor time, lowers operational costs, and eliminates human errors associated with inventory
and asset management. (Racks and devices that do not support Location Discovery Services can
have their position manually input in the rack/device of the data center.)

Below is the link to check the rack compatabilities.


However i have not found any information on adding a 30inch rack.

I would suggest you to raise a support case with HPE.

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Re: Positioning of Racks of different widths

We dont have HP racks, I'm just manually adding generic racks within OneView. When creating the rack you are given the option to change the heigt, width, depth, etc... but when i change the width to anything other than the default width when creating a rack, I cannot place it correctly within a datacenter.