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PowerShell - Get-Enclosure and Server Bay

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PowerShell - Get-Enclosure and Server Bay


Does any one have any example how can i create a report to get all enclorures and list and the servers that are in each bay? 


I was hoping something like Get-HPOVEnclosure  | Get-HPOVServer but the cmdlet does not take parameter. 

Get-HPOVEnclosure - report just gives too much data. 


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Re: PowerShell - Get-Enclosure and Server Bay

You might consider using OneView Global Dashboard to help you create reports like this. It is a free product which monitors one or more OneView appliances and collates data to provide a view of the overall status of all of your OneView instances and helps simplify generating reports.




Re: PowerShell - Get-Enclosure and Server Bay

You are correct the Cmdlets do not take pipeline like that. However, since BladeSystem server names, you can do the following:

Get-HPOVServer -Name EnclsoureName*
The Name parameters in the Cmdlets typically support the * wildcard character where documented.

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