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Powershell cmlets confusion


Powershell cmlets confusion

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Why are HP doing things so hard for sys admins?
Take the powershell cmdlets, what is the reason for that the cmdlets only works on Proliant servers and not Synergy blades?
Trying to automate by scripting is a daunting task moving between the two.
Is the reason to force everyone to use Oneview? From where not all settings can be configured anyway.
It must make sense to have a common set of cmdlets for both server products.

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How are you ppl handling this where you have a mix of server product lines?



Re: Powershell cmlets confusion

Thank you for your feedback.  We have already started looking at supporting direct iLO interaction with the HPEiLORedfish Cmdlets to support Synergy compute nodes.  I cannot comment as to a timeline right now, as we are still investigating what would be needed to make this change.

While we are looking at making that change, it should be noted that Synergy and OneView Advanced customers would be advised to use the Cmdlets to manage iLO specific settings (that are not yet supported) and use OneView for continued server management.  OneView provides the inventory and "controller" for server management and is a required component within Synergy.  It also abstracts away a lot of the otherwise complex knowledge of servers and compute, from model to model, and generation to generation.

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