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I am trying to modifying a server profile in my 4.10.3 Oneview appliance. The modifying I did was to simply select a different SPP firmware bundle that I recently uploaded. Prior to this modification, I powered off the server (BL460 G9) that was associated to the profile, and made my profile bundle change. The profile is set to do FW only. So once I saved the profile, the server boots up once and reboots again to the new ISO as expected. All good so far. Then after the second boot, it launches the ISO file from the firmware bundle. Once it load to ramdisk, it sits there for ever. The oneview profile sits there and spins. I actually have to power off the server, but the Oneview process still spins as if it is doing something.. My question to the form is, how can you kill the profile update process?




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As per your description, the firmware update has been initiated and it was interrupted by rebooting the server as the process was stuck. Since the update process is still in progress, to kill this task we need backend service console access. Please raise a support ticket with HPE technical team.

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