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Remote Backup - SFTP Username with @ in it

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Remote Backup - SFTP Username with @ in it

Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone has had luck getting the SFTP backups configured where the username is the format <username>@<domain>? The issue is that the UI user name requirements only "supports alphanumeric characters or the characters _ or -, must start with a letter or _, and must be 64 characters or less".

Our SFTP server uses AD as the LDAP authentication mechanism and in a multi-domain environment we need to specify the "@<domain>" as part of the logon name.




Re: Remote Backup - SFTP Username with @ in it

Unfortunately, neither the @ or \ characters are allowed in the username field today.  I'm not sure how to help you further if your security restricts you to using AD accounts where you must specify a domain name or UPN suffix.  What SFTP software are you using?  And can you not use a restricted local user account simply for storing appliance backups only?

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Re: Remote Backup - SFTP Username with @ in it

I was never able to get the remote backup to work with our SFTP software.  We use AD domain based authentication too - not sure if that was causing our problems, but I could never figure out how to get it working.

I ended up writing a fairly simple PowerShell script that utilizes the HPOneView.500 PowerShell module and is kicked off from Jenkins daily.  The script stores the backup on a Windows file share and deletes backups older that 7 days.  So far, no problems with it.


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Re: Remote Backup - SFTP Username with @ in it

Can you just have OneView backup to the local file system and then have a timed job from your OS check the backup directory and scp/sftp the file to your desired final destination?