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Remote Support Warranty and Contract


Remote Support Warranty and Contract


I have just upgraded to 3.1. I can see that Remote Support is enabled for my servers but Contract and Warranty is none. Tried to update is but a red warning comes up. Changed  proxy to IP-address and then it works??

But the expire date is still 10/13/21 for all servers. Some are expired in remote support and some have foundation care??

Have anyone some explanation or solution for this?

/Micke Ch


Re: Remote Support Warranty and Contract

Please open a support case for this issue.  There may be some mismatched data in our backend that is preventing the information within OneView to not be displaying correctly.  If you have Proactive Care (or other Datacenter care) support and a dedicated TAM, you can also reach out to them for assistance.

I am an HPE employee

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