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Remote Support

I've got a couple of Synergy's in my environment.  All of them can access Remote Support except 1.

All Synergies have been updated to 4.10.04 and all configurations of the Remote Support are identical except for chassis locations, etc.

When I attempt to edit the Remote Support settings on the 1 promblematic chassis I receive the red warning message on the bottom of the page that states "Remote support is unable to connect to HPE." and all that I can do at that point is cancel.  The page is blank except for that message.

The settings look correct when I view them on the Remote Support page though.

We do have an internet connection from this chassis and we were able to download the firmware from it last week.

Can anybody give me an idea of what to check?


Re: Remote Support


I would suggest to make sure there are no firewall block on the issue frame.

Make sure the frame appliance IP's (All 3 IPs - Oneview IP, Maintenance IPs) are configured to allow in the Firewall..

Also, try to ping from Oneview --> Settings --> Networking config --> Action --> Ping to hostname api.support.hpe.com and verify whether you see response.



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Re: Remote Support

Hi - also please make sure that if a proxy is used, that proxy has been set up correctly. If you continue to have issues, please raise a call with support for assistance. 

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