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Remove Volume from SPT


Remove Volume from SPT

It was an RFE from OV 2.x time frame. wanted to find out if this feature is being incorporated in any coming release in near future.

Ability to remove a Volume from SPT and have the SP update from Template .

Very useful when we want to remove Volumes from ESX clusters (8 node and 16 node clusters quite common)


Re: Remove Volume from SPT

Hello @martin2176.  This feature does not exist in HPE OneView, including 4.00. The reason is that an SPT can be assigned to multiple cluster nodes, including those that are in separate clusters.  We have other features planned for HPE OneView that could address this use case.  But we cannot discuss unreleased features or products in a public forum.  I would ask that you reach out to your sales team to schedule a call or meeting with the HPE OneView product team (which I am on) to discuss this topic further.

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