HPE OneView

Replace appliance certificate


Replace appliance certificate

Replace appliance self-signed certificate on external wildcart caertificate?

  • Copy the full certificate text and paste it into the box in the following order:
    1. Leaf level CA-signed appliance certificate

    2. Intermediate CA certificates

    3. Topmost root CA certificate


The certificate does not have a matching certificate signing request (CSR).

Unable to import signed certificate.
The certificate signing request (CSR) was not found for the specified signed certificate.

ResolutionGenerate a certificate signing request (CSR). Obtain a CA-signed certificate. Then, import the signed certificate again.

If the issue persists, Create a support dump and contact your authorized support representative for assistance.

Re: Replace appliance certificate

Unfortunately, not many of our SSL/TLS protected products support wildcard certificates, which includes HPE OneView.  While it does make initial sense in reducing the number of certs to manage, if one of them is compromised (including the private key) then you have a lot of endpoints to update with a newer certificate and revoking the older, now compromised one.

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