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Restore OneView from BackUp

Eugen Rodekuhr
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Restore OneView from BackUp

Hello All,

we are running an Oneview Appliance where we have database issues, these issues are maybe fixed or maybe still present. I do not know for sure that the appliance is running as needed. It seems that it is not possible to move / migrate C7000s between different appliances.

On top of that we are neither able to update this appliance to 4.10.01 nor to migrate our HP-SIM managed C7000s into our oneview setup. The migration issue is that the OneView does not accept the VC-FC 8GB / 20Port module as a valid module to create a fibre a connection between the HPE BL460c G9 holding a QLogic 16GB Dual Port Mezzanine Card and the VC-FC module.

However wenned to get on with stabilising our Production environment. For that reason I was thinking of the followint steps to progress and end up with a reliable OneView appliance:

  1. Bakup the existing Appliance running 3.10.10
  2. Build an Oneview Appliance from scratch based on 3.10.10
  3. Power down the esiting OneView
  4. Power On the new Oneview with the same DNS / IP credentials as the old one
  5. Restore the backup to the new instance
  6. Check functionality
  7. Update the OneView to 4.10.01

From my point of view this would be a valid procedure.

However I am not 100% sure that this will work and some engineers mentioned, that the database issues will be backed up as well and will be restored into the new setup.

Does someone has any experience or can advise on how to get our porblem solved?

Best Regards