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Re: SCOM Integration "Data not collected from SCOM"

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SCOM Integration "Data not collected from SCOM"

Morning Guys,

First post so please be gentle. :)

OVA version - 2.00.02-0219211

SCOM Version - 2012 R2 - 7.1.10226.1177

SCOM Server Version - 2012 R2

SCOM Integration kit Version - 3.0.6

Issue: - 

OneView has been installed for a few months and is monitoring a number of ProLiant Servers successfully.

We are refreshing our SCOM installation and decided to integrate the two products.

OneView integration has been installed on the SCOM management server (Event Manager Service and management packs).

OVA details were entered into the Configuration Dashboard, however even after a number of hours no inventory was pulled through.  Going back to the Configuration Dashboard section would cause the entire Ops Manager console to bomb out.

Having seen reference in an article that a port 80 connection was required between the SCOM server and the OVA, I set IE settings for Proxy exceptions and trusted sites adding the OVA Hostname and IP to both, I also installed the OVA's SSL certificate.  With all this is place a OVA web session can be launched and displace the login screen without prompt or issue (tested with both logged in account and SCOM Action Account) and Ops Manager no longer bombs out when in the Configuration Dashboard, however Inventory is still not populated not (left over night) and the HPOneViewEventManager log (%ProgramFiles%\HP OneView Management Packs\HP OneView EventManager\HPOneViewEventManager.log) adds a new line every 15 minutes "Error: ==== Data not collected from SCOM. ========="

Server is not currently in production and has been rebooted numerous times.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted at this point.

Many Thanks


Re: SCOM Integration "Data not collected from SCOM"

I passed your question off to a developer, and this is what they had to say in return:


Check .installlog files. They should be in C:\Program Files\HP OneView Management Packs\HP OneView EventManager.


If there are any errors present, then open a cmd prompt windows (as Administrator) and run


installutil /i HPOneviewSCOMAddincmdlet.dll


The dll is present inside the EventManager folder.


If there are no errors in the .installog files, then check if they are using any customized account for HP OneView Run-as profile. If yes then ask him to remove that account and use default action account.


If you still are unable to resolve this issue, I would suggest you open a support case.

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Re: SCOM Integration "Data not collected from SCOM"

I Have same problem .

[6-3-2017 8:14:55 PID=1864] Error: ==== Data not collected from SCOM. =========

the hp oneview management has 0 messages.

Any suggestions?

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Re: SCOM Integration "Data not collected from SCOM"

I didn't get far with HPE Support at the time and more important matter got in the way.

I have recently revisited, I performed a fresh install of OneView to version 3.0 and installed the relivant Management Pack in SCOM, this time the connection worked fine.

The one thing that I did this time that I did not previously was to installed a SSL certificate from our internal CA.

Whether it was this or the updated software that has resolved I don't actually know,  but lack of a certificate would make sense with the failure to deserialize message that I was recieving.

Hope this helps.