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SNMP Configuration


I'm implementing OneView right now and I've configured SNMP on the appliance. What I did not understand is how the SNMP traps works in OneView. Does it send traps directly to the targer that i configured or it configures the iLO to send SNMP traps to the targer server? Because after I configured SNMP, I don't see any alerts from OneView or iLO even if there is an active alert in OneView and iLO.



Re: SNMP Configuration

If you configured SNMP Trap Destinations in the Appliance Settings page, then any traps recieved from an iLO and/or OA will be forwarded.  Any activity the appliance generates due to say an Asyncronous task, or server status refresh, will not generate an SNMP trap.  SNMP traps generated from a management endpoint will only be forwarded when it is recieved by the appliance.  If the iLO and/or OA has not generated another SNMP trap, the appliance will not forward one.

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