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SPP Deployment on blades

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SPP Deployment on blades

This may be a stupid question, but does the SPP run everytime a blade is assigned a profile, even if the FW is up to date on that blade (460c Gen8)?

We have a scrip which tears down our test c7000, and then builds it back up, and we noticed that the time it takes to assign a blade to a profie is the same if we are using a previousely installed SPP, vs a "new" SPP version. 


Re: SPP Deployment on blades

When a Server Profile is applied to a server, the SPP is booted to identify if any component needs to be updated.  This is to ensure that the components are at the same (or could be newer) version of what's in the associated SPP.

Now, if a Baseline is not assigned to a Server Profile, and you have HPE OneView 3.10 or newer, along with a bootable SPP (2016.10 or newer), OneView will use it to boot into a maintenance OS instead of Intelligent Provisioning.

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