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SUT install on Windows Core 2016/19

Scott Caryer
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SUT install on Windows Core 2016/19

Can OneView apply a Firmware baseline to a Windows Core server whereas you select the option of "Firmware and OS Drivers with SUT"?  I can not find any documentation that supports or not supports this process.

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Re: SUT install on Windows Core 2016/19

OneView is agnostic to the OS that is installed.  However, it is dependant upon our platform ecosystem support for features like this.  SUT/iSUT can be installed on Windows Server Core, as it is a service and is managed by the CLI.  You can find the HPSUT/SUT/iSUT documentation here.  I got to that link by going to http://hpe.com/info/hpsut, and then clicking the SUT Documentation link towards the middle bottom of that page, under Additional Information.  The Windows/Linux Installation Guide is located directly here.

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