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We are currently running 1.20.05-0201918. Our organization is very large with stringent security controls that require us to use directory credentials at all times.


I understand that we can only have 4 search contexts or OUs in the current version. This is very limiting to us since we have admins scarated in a dozen differetn OUs.


Are there any plans to set increase this limit or set a base search OU? With only four OUs available for seraching this utility is not usable. 


Re: Search OUs

While each Authentication Directory today, you can create mutliple Authentication Directories with different search contexts, and still point to the same Active Directory LDAP infrastructure.


We announced HP OneView 2.0 earlier this month.  With it will come a redesign of the Authentication Directory feature, which will include many new features, including proper Sub-Tree search.  So you would no longer need to specify multiple Search Contexts.

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