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Server inventory - CPU information

Occasional Advisor

Server inventory - CPU information

When running a report it shows the CPU, but not how many CPUs it has.


Is there some way to determine in the report how many CPUs there is?

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Server inventory - CPU information

Unfortunately, no.  Reports are static queries.  However, if you need to extract that information, you can via the REST API.  You would have a few options:


  1. Use a REST client (i.e. CURL or RESTClient FireFox plugin)
  2. Use the PowerShell library
  3. Use the Python library

If you wanted to use the PowerShell library, you can use the following command/script to get what you are looking for:


get-hpovserver | ft -Property name,processorCount,processorCoreCount,processorSpeedMhz,processorType -AutoSize