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Smart Update Tools for ESXi

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Smart Update Tools for ESXi

Using the command line, I've been trying to finish the configuration of the hpsut for esxi server. I've been able to set the vCenter host information (IP, username, password) with no problems. I cannot seem to set the OneView host information. I'm using the syntax specified in the help section as well as the user guide yet I keep getting an invalid username/password error. On the hpsut server, I see in the sutesxi_service.log file the following:

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:16:958 pm :: [oneviewinterface.cpp:2720] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: Getting X-Api-Version from OneView Appliance IP 10.xx,xx,xx

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:17:019 pm :: [oneviewinterface.cpp:2758] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: Successfully got the X-Api-Version : [300]

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:17:034 pm :: [setcommandexecutor.cpp:229] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: X-Api-Version retrieved  for the management host is [300]

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:17:064 pm :: [oneviewinterface.cpp:799] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: Login to OneView Appliance IP 10.xx.xx.xx to create sessionID

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:17:472 pm :: [oneviewinterface.cpp:882] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: HTTP Response Error for OneView Appliance IP 10.xx.xx.xx

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:17:472 pm :: [oneviewinterface.cpp:883] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: Response Header content : HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2017 22:00:16 GMT
Server: Apache
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
cache-control: no-cache
Connection: close
Transfer-Encoding: chunked

[INFO] :: Aug-09-2017 03:00:17:472 pm :: [oneviewinterface.cpp:884] :: Thread id: 139832920606464 :: Response content        : {"errorSource":null,"nestedErrors":[],"details":"Invalid username or passw
ord.","recommendedActions":["Enter correct credentials and try again. To obtain a username or passwo
rd, contact your administrator."],"errorCode":"AUTHN_AUTH_FAIL","data":{},"message":"Invalid usernam
e or password."}

it seems to make contact with the OneView server and can retrieve the API version but then fails with the auth.

I'm using the local OneView Administrator account. I thought it may be the password at first (lots of special characters) so I tried creating another local admin account with a basic password and had the same results. I also tried various admin directory accounts and all fail.  I know there's no root account so I'm at a loss of why this is failing.

Oneview 3.0

HP Sut Server: RHEL 7

HPSUT for linux

The OneView appliance and the RHEL 7 server on on the same esxi host and are layer 2 adjacent. I can telnet from the RHEL box to the OneView appliance on 80 and 443 so i think networking is fine.

Any suggestions?


Re: Smart Update Tools for ESXi

Do you have your HPE OneView appliance configured to use an LDAP Authentication Directory, and have you changed the Default Login from "Local" to the directory you have configured? 

Security Authentication.png

If so, you will need to change it back to "Local" as the HPSUTESXi service does not support sending that authentication directory name to the appliance.

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Re: Smart Update Tools for ESXi

Changing the Defaul Login from our directory to Local did it. Thanks a bunch Chris, I was going crazy with this.