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Smart Update tools for ESXi (AutoDeployReboot)


Smart Update tools for ESXi (AutoDeployReboot)


When using sutesxi (v2.x), and having the mode set to AutoDeployReboot, if we change the server baseline firmware to initiate an update, is sutesxi smart enough to put the ESXi server in maintenance mode, or does it just issue a blind reboot and affect running VMs?

Im looking for a way to automate the firmware/software updates through my ESXi clusters, and at the moment it looks like i have to manually 'maintenance mode' a blade server, issue the profile change, wait for completion as indicated by OneView monitoring of sutesxi status, and when all done, exit maintenance mode and move onto the next..

Is there any better way, than the human intervention, or is AutoDeployReboot mode just a bit dumb at the moment in regards to VM guest status/maintenance mode.


Re: Smart Update tools for ESXi (AutoDeployReboot)

Unfortunately, no, HPSUT/iSUT does not put the host into Maintenance Mode at this time.  We are working on a number of different capabilities within OneView.  If you'd like to discuss the HPE OneView roadmap under NDA, please reach out to your HPE account team.

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