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Status = NotRefreshing

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Status = NotRefreshing

It seems that I missed something in my setup and I'm wondering how to fix it?

When viewing an enclosure from the Global Dashboard I see the Status section.  It says that it's configured but that the status = NotRefreshing.  The firmware bundle that it has listed is an old one and not that one that I am currently running.  Also the Support State doesn't show that it is configured but it appears to be if I go in to the enclosure settings.Capture.PNG

Where do I configure this so that communication can occur?






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Re: Status = NotRefreshing

According to the technician at HP this is completely normal.

"I would like to inform you that, that value which we see 'Refresh state = Not Refreshing' is normal and is working in the way the system is designed.

Refreshes are not happening all the time. When OVGD is not running it displays, “NotRefresh" which is normal.   A full refresh of all resources occurs every 12 hours."