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The maximum number of 75000 alerts has been reached

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Occasional Contributor

The maximum number of 75000 alerts has been reached

My console has new warnigns this week regarding max alerts:

The maximum number of 75000 alerts has been reached. Old, cleared or least important alerts will be automatically deleted to reduce the count to approximately 74200 if no action is taken.

I have attempted API REST commands to delete all activity. (I also tried using filters)

My task status: "taskStatus": "The delete alerts task is running."

Then typically after about 19 minutes of run-time the task errors out with no indication of what went wrong.

Also, while running - my alert count actually INCREASES.

There must be an easier, more reliable way to clear out alerts?

I must be doing something wrong - Any help apreaciated.




Re: The maximum number of 75000 alerts has been reached

Hi - This CA may reference your issue.



Document ID: c05349772

Version: 1

Advisory: HPE OneView - Delete Task Will Fail When Deleting a Large Number of Alerts at Once
NOTICE: The information in this document, including products and software versions, is current as of the Release Date. This document is subject to change without notice.

Release Date: 2016-12-06

Last Updated: 2016-12-06


When attempting to delete a large number of alerts (greater than 20,000) at once in HPE OneView using the REST API, the delete task will fail and the following error state will be displayed:

The activity log will show the "Delete alerts" task in an error state if an attempt to delete too many alerts occurs. In general, there is no reason to delete old alerts because OneView will automatically delete old alerts once the alert count exceeds 75,000.




Occasional Contributor

Re: The maximum number of 75000 alerts has been reached

Thank you!

Filtering in "chunks" does the trick!

Much appreciated.

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: The maximum number of 75000 alerts has been reached

Please know you do not have to manage this. The alert you got about reaching the max is informational only. OneView will automatically make room for additional alerts. The max is always 75,000.