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TimeZone & IP change

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TimeZone & IP change

Hi everyone,



I tried to deploy OneView (1.20.01-0021397) in my infrastructure, it's very interesting but I've a some problems with the management of ILO, First, when I registered a new ILO process in the OneView, this change the time zone to Atlantic/Reykjavik, in the documentation "about Effects of managing server hardware iLOs" say that, but if you change the time zone in ILO to other, when I refresh the server in OneView again this put the same time zone. There any way to put a default time zone?


Next, I had to change the network configuration to a server, the ILO and the OS ip, I changed this first in the hardware, the OneView had an alert in this server, I had to delete the configuration of profile first and the server hardware to recreate it, Is it possible to change the ip on the server hardware on the OneView?



Kind regards.

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Re: TimeZone & IP change

Hello rd0, and welcome to the HP OneView Community.


Today, HP OneView sets the TimeZone to GMT.  If you were to change the value in the iLO, and perform a Refresh of the Enclosure the BL is located in, or the Server Hardware (for DL servers), it will be changed back.  There was a reason early on when HP OneView was first released, but this behavior will change in a future release.


If you need to update or change the iLO IP Address, you don't remove anything from the appliance.  You go to the Server Hardware page, click on the Add Server Hardware for DL servers to re-add the server (HP OneView will handle the rest).  Or go to Enclosures, refresh the enclosure (if you only updated one BL server's iLO), or re-add the enclosure if you had to re-ip all management interfaces within the Enclosure.

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Re: TimeZone & IP change

Thanks Chris,


I will do that way next time.