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Unable to add ML350G6 after 4.00 upgrade

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Unable to add ML350G6 after 4.00 upgrade

Hello, I´m unable to add iLO2 ML350G6 after upgrading to 4.00, the OneView was working fine on 3.10, the error i´m getting is:


Unable to perform a scan for new hardware.
Unable to establish trusted communication with the server. OneView could not negotiate a connection with the iLO at the desired level of security.

Resolution: Refer to OneView and iLO user documentation for information about supported cipher suites. Check to see if the iLO firmware version supports the cipher suites required by OneView. If required, update the iLO version. Retry importing the server. If the issue persists, generate a support dump and contact your authorized support representative.

Re: Unable to add ML350G6 after 4.00 upgrade

Can you please generate an appliance Support Dump (Settings -> Create appliance support dump) and then Private Message me a link to download the support dump.  Or, open a support case, elevate to Level 2, provide them the appliance support dump and let me know the support case ID in Private Message.

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Re: Unable to add ML350G6 after 4.00 upgrade

I am having similiar issues.  It seems oneview 4.0 has trouble communicating with any ilo 2 .  Seems to be an ssl/tls/cipher issue.  I am at the latest firmware available for ilo2.  Any suggestions?