HPE OneView

Unable to configure RMC-V


Unable to configure RMC-V

I am unable to configure RMC-V in OneView for vCenter. I registered and re-registered the appliance with different credentials. Tried using Administrator@vsphere.local and other AD accounts which have admin rights on the vCenter and the OV4VCENTER server. Everything else related to OneView for vCenter is working fine. Storage Systems can be added through OV4VCENTER without any issues.


Automated deployment is able to detect the 3PAR Storage Systems but they are in some sort of error condition. And the other issue is; I am unable to delete the storage systems from RMC-V. StoreOnce works fine.


I have attached some screen shots.


vCenter Appliance Version: Build 3000347

HP OneView for VMware vCenter: 7.7.1




Will RMC-V work with vCenter appliance?