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Unable to configure iLO Event subscription

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Unable to configure iLO Event subscription

I am in the process of migrating off of HPE SIM over to OneView.  For two servers I am trying to move, that are behind a firewall, I can add them to OneView but after I do I get this error for both of them:

Unable to configure iLO Event subscription, which is required by the appliance for server management.
An internal error has occurred.
A required service failed.

Since I am able to add them to OneView and from what I can most (if not all) of the configuration is correctly setup (SNMPv3 is set, local _HPE account is created, NTP is set, etc.) it appears the firewall rules I have in place are correct.  But I cannot help thinking maybe something is missing on the firewall rules to cause this alert.

Does anyone know what might cause these issues and if this is firewall related?

My environment:

Firmware 5.00.01-0410269

Problems servers: Both DL380 Gen9

iLO firmware: Both 2.70 (iLO has been restarted on both and still get same errors)




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Re: Unable to configure iLO Event subscription

I also sent a Remote Insight Test Trap from the iLO, and I sucessfully received it in OneView.