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Unable to upgrade oneview 4.20.01-0380241 to

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Unable to upgrade oneview 4.20.01-0380241 to


I've been trying to upgrade my oneview installation from 4.20.01-0380241 to

Unfortunately my certificate has expired, and it the installation kind of stops due to that. (I Assume)
"The appliance update has failed because the appliance web server certificate is expired."

"Resolution Regenerate a new appliance self-signed certificate or re-import a new CA signed appliance certificate. Then retry update."

Fine, i will generate a new certificate, but i receive the error when importing the certificate:

"Issue Unable to trust the incoming certificate.

The CA certificate with common name %My CA name% used for signing the incoming certificate with common name %My Common Name% is not a trusted certificate.


Add the certificate and retry the operation. To add the missing certificate you can use import certificate option under Settings -> Security -> Manage certificates."

I've found a different thread where it says that to import the appliance certificate, i will have to do it from Settings - Security - Actions - Import Appliance Certificate (Which is how i try to import the certificate now)

Also, i have noticed that the "Application Certificate" when browsing certificates has changed to a self-signed certificate with what looks like some default settings. (Happened after i attempted to upgrade the appliance)


Re: Unable to upgrade oneview 4.20.01-0380241 to

I would suggest you regenerate the appliance self-signed certificate.  Then perform the appliance upgrade.  After that is successful, you can look at replacing the self-signed certificate with a CA issued cert.  However, you need to make sure that the issuing CA, and the other CA's in the cert chain, are added to appliance before you attempt to install your CA signed/issued appliance certificate.

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