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HPE OneView
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Uncontrolled firmware rollouts

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Steve Lintott
Occasional Visitor

Uncontrolled firmware rollouts

Hi, just installed OneView appliance and all went well. The I added one of our blade enclosures, thinking that only a discovery would begin. To my surprise, OneView began to upgrade the enclosure's firmware, with no obvious way to cancel this unexpected process.

Is this the default behaviour, or did I miss something? Admittedly, I didn't read all of the docs yet but couldn't believe that firmware was upgraded with no confirmation. Luckily, it was a test enclosure and no blades were affected.


Did this happen to others running the trial?

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Uncontrolled firmware rollouts

Yes, this is expected behavior.  Currently, only the iLO and OA firmware will be updated automatically.  The reason for this is due to firmware requirements HP OneView has.  If the enclosure does not meet the minimum requirements, HP OneView cannot manage it.  It will not update the individual blade firmware during the enclosure add task.


This will only happen on addition of the enclosure.  You can control the firmware update process from there, by using the Update Enclosure Firmware Action menu when viewing a particular enclosure.



Steve Lintott
Occasional Visitor

Re: Uncontrolled firmware rollouts

Many thanks for this reply Chris. You have calmed my nerves a bit and confirmed that I didn't do anything wrong (except read the docs).

We are now engaged with our HP rep to provide a demo & training before proceeding further.

Looks very intersting though and a great improvement on Insight Control