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Update OneView 2.00.09 failed

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Occasional Contributor

Update OneView 2.00.09 failed


Actually, we have OneView in version 1.20.09

We planned to upgraded it to 2.00.09 & 3.10 just after.

But i have the issue on the first upgrade :


Today 7:13:16 am

Update version check failed.

I try to upload the file with IE / FireFox / Chrome, but i have always the same issue.
Do you have a way to bypass this error ?



Occasional Contributor

Re: Update OneView 2.00.09 failed

It's working now.

The HP doc are incorrects.

I must go like this (at least) to work.
1.20.09 => 2.00.07 => 2.00.09 => 3.10.00

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Update OneView 2.00.09 failed

Correct.  You need to make this step because the code signing certs changed when we, HPE and HP Inc., split.  Glad you were able to upgrade your appliance successfully.

Occasional Visitor

Re: Update OneView 2.00.09 failed

Thank you so much Bruno for figuring out what HPE can't document!

Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Update OneView 2.00.09 failed

We have documented the allowed upgrade paths in our Release Notes and Install Guides.  There is a mistake in our 2.00.09 Release Notes documentation though that says you can upgrade from 1.10 and newer straight to 2.00.09.  Customers must upgrade to 2.00.02 first before attempting to upgrade to 2.00.09.  We are working to get the 2.00.09 Release Notes to correct this error.